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speeches on gender pay gap

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Often women are being recruited but not retained or progressed to senior management. The bill only addresses one small aspect of the gender pay gap and its significant drafting flaws mean that it doesn't even address that aspect effectively. Without gender equality, we will never achieve any of the global goals. When he was Minister of Finance he had to approve board appointments. I reluctantly accept that it won’t change overnight. Gender Pay Gap BAG stärkt Anspruch auf gleiche Bezahlung. But because of the success of equality legislationover the years, this factor only explains a limited part of the gender pay gap. We’ll make sure girls and women know exactly what they can achieve and encourage them towards careers they might not have thought possible. When you go to hire someone – do you put forward a list to your employer that has gender balance? Asking for guidance and leaning on others occasionally is not a sign of weakness but in my view a sign of strength. This is where the Fair Work Commission's annual wage review comes in. Thank you David for that very kind introduction and can I say on behalf of everyone, thank you Deloitte for hosting this event this evening. We’ve become more educated. And do you encourage your employer by putting women forward to them. So why is it that for an entire decade we haven’t been able to close the gap? One significant discrimination problem the world population is battling, takes… He would still always choose the best person for the job – he just insisted on having the best to choose from. Women need to be supported by employers when they try to do this. It is usually represented as either a percentage or a ratio of the "difference between average gross hourly [or annual] earnings of male and female employees as % of male gross earnings". We will boost the representation of women in chair and deputy chair positions on government boards to 40 per cent by 2025. Gender-Pay-Gap: Frauen verdienen weiter deutlich weniger als Männer Im Schnitt erhalten Frauen 20 Prozent weniger Lohn als Männer. Sixty per cent of people who gain bachelors and above are women. The gender gap in developed nations is mostly seen in the professional sector. This is the first campaign of its kind at the UN. He said: … it seems to me that the bill has a number of potential flaws in some respects—seeking to go too far and in other respects not going far enough. Frauen haben im Jahr 2019 in Deutschland durchschnittlich 19 % weniger verdient als Männer. Further, they recommended that the bill should be amended to ensure that the Fair Work Information Statement informs employees about pay transparency at the beginning of their engagement in a job. The bill has flaws which ought to have been addressed: there's been plenty of time, and the fact that they haven't been reveals the Greens' lack of real commitment to this issue. Emma Watson's Speech at the U.N. Today we are launching a campaign called HeForShe. My constituency of Derby North has often led the way when it comes to industry, manufacturing and business and, once again, our city has shown that it is ahead of the curve when it … It … I was very nervous to present in front of my coworkers but i am very happy with the outcome.In the beginning of my video you see my audience which includes my camera man. A gender wage gap is when you take the gap between both men and women’s pay and get a certain percentage and that is the gap between the two. In the private sector I’m told that companies like Fletchers, OPUS, Beca, Xero, Vodafone and Dimension Data are all actively encouraging women in their workforce through recruitment and retention policies, flexible hours, apprenticeships and marketing their industry to women. Women should be paid the same amount as men, especially when A landmark US study examined over half a century of data, and they found that wages fell for everyone, from ticket sellers to designers, as their field became more feminised. Given at the joint Bank of England, Federal Reserve Bank and European Central Bank conference on Gender and Career Progression . You are involved in setting pay rates. Treasury has recognised that it can only deliver a high living standard for New Zealanders by listening to the viewpoints of all Kiwis. We now know these factors only explain around 20 percent of the current gender pay gap. The current gender pay gap is 17.6 per cent. Do you encourage women to have a shot at it? In the past, a substantial proportion of the gender pay gap was due to factors such as differences in education, the occupations and industries that men and women work in, or the fact that women are more likely to work part-time. Jennifer Lawrence has come out hard against the gender pay inequality in Hollywood, in an impassioned essay she wrote for her friend Lena Dunham’s Lenny Letter newsletter. We want to try to mobilize as many men and boys as possible to be advocates for change. Tweet; Wednesday, 1 July, 2015. I am really enjoying being the Minister for Police. Last month we saw Kate McKenzie become the Chief Executive of Chorus. The gender pay gap estimates presented here do not include overtime. The first step is recognising where there’s a problem. The Law Council, in its submission to the inquiry into the bill, also considered that the bill did not create a workplace right and that therefore it does not offer protection under the Fair Work Act 2009 if the employer were to take adverse action against an employee for revealing their pay. Again, as drafted, this bill won't fully protect workers who disclose their pay. Statistics show that since the late 1990s the gender pay gap has been slowly reducing and in fact in 2016 the gender pay gap was at 12% but if gender discrimination has been around for so long why hasn't it been solved? B. innerhalb einer Altersgruppe, einer Branche oder eines Bundeslandes) ermittelt und daraus der Gender Pay Gap berechnet. These are the harder to measure factors… In Labor's submission to the 2018 Fair Work Commission annual wage review, we reinforced that a significant contributing factor to the size of the gender pay gap is the fact that women are more likely to be employed in low-paid industries and jobs and that they're more likely than their male counterparts to be reliant on award wages. The UK is lagging behind other countries on gender pay gap reporting and must urgently catch up if it’s to see faster progress on equality between men and women, a new report has found.. Too stroppy, too weak, too old, too young, too feminist, not feminist enough. If in another decade we actually want the 12 per cent gap to have reduced – then it starts with all of us, including you and your attitudes. My answer is simple. They have been hopeless. But it is important. It checks for gender equity during all performance and pay discussions. You are a powerful group of people, you do the hiring. I am very comfortable being a feminist. According to the research conducted by BBC, "a total of 83% of sports now reward men and women equally". He’d receive lists that were mostly, if not entirely men. When I worked in recruitment I used to challenge women to put themselves forward, to step up. As I’ve said, this is about finding solutions. In the long run it may not even matter what field women choose. Two different theoretical approaches explain “legitimate” wage gaps: same-gender referent theory and reward expectations theory. I don’t judge others who sit in different places on the spectrum – they of course get to judge me, but that is called politics. They might get a small pay rise but they won’t move as high up their pay band as when men negotiate. This is my first major speech as Minister for Women and that seems quite appropriate given that tomorrow is International Women’s Day. And I would like to invite the Greens to join us in displaying either. We on the Labor side know that as a sole measure it simply does not go far enough in dealing with the disparities in wages between working men and working women in Australia today. Men and women tend to be clustered in different jobs in different sectors. For the past decade the Gender Pay Gap has stayed about the same at around 12 per cent. We have made significant progress in recent years with the current gender pay gap being the lowest on record. There will be more and better advice to all young people about their career prospects. They’re the traditional factors that we all know about. There are some practical solutions. Research shows that women are no longer afraid to negotiate but it isn’t as well received by their bosses as when men do. Fifty years ago, the Equal Pay Act … So let’s talk gender pay. We need to consciously work together to put this right. Now, I don't know whether that's because the Greens don't have the capacity for detailed, low-profile policy work or whether it is because they simply don't think it's important. When we have closed the gender pay gap and women aren’t predominantly the victims of domestic and sexual violence I will look to close down the Ministry for Women. Despite regulations being in place, organizations continue to practice gender inequality in the form of lower pay and less promotions for its female employees. We know that women are less likely to go for a promotion than men, we know that women will look at a job description and will only apply if they meet a hundred per cent of the requirements, men will apply knowing they have skills for 60 per cent of the role. The gender pay gap is a multifaceted problem. 1/1 Park Avenue Drummoyne 2074 NSW. The committee heard from a number of submitters—impressive evidence, actually—including many legal experts who identified obvious and also some unintentional flaws with the way the bill was drafted. Change takes commitment, and it takes hard, and often low-profile, work. The headline gender pay gap compares average full-time weekly earnings for men and women across the entire population. The ACTU also made this suggestion during their appearance before the committee, stressing the importance of making workers aware of their rights to disclose information about pay. Look at whether women are being promoted into positions they deserve, are you shoulder tapping people when they’re worthy of promotion? It means we are open and can continue to make positive gains for women. As a society, we have consistently undervalued women's work. Speech on Equal Pay and the Gender Pay Gap. It’s about the attitudes and assumptions of women in the workplace, it’s about employing people who we think will fit in – and when you have a workforce of men, particularly in senior roles then it seems likely you’re going to stick with the status quo – whether they do that intentionally or just because “like attracts like”. As Chris Till said in his introduction, 80 per cent of your membership are women. The data shows eight in 10 companies pay … As women of less value we are expected to have the more crappy jobs. One wonders what they have been doing since the Senate committee reported. Speech on Equal Pay and the Gender Pay Gap. Do you question why women aren’t putting themselves forward for roles that they’re clearly capable of doing? It's not an answer to just say, 'Oh well, men and women choose different career paths.' The gender pay gap (or the gender wage gap) is a metric that tells us the difference in pay (or wages, or income) between women and men. Montag, 25. Some organizations may even go so far as to avoid recruiting women as far as possible. Monday, 27 January, 2020. I’m here today to set down a challenge. In fact – those traditional reasons play a very small role, around 20 per cent can be explained for these reasons. The problem is that the more women there are in a type of occupation or sector, the more likely it is that that sector is poorly paid when compared to male-dominated occupations or sectors. A gender wage gap means less financial independence for women, greater reliance on welfare payments, less motivation at the workplace, and less social justice overall. This government cannot point to a single thing that they have done to improve pay for low-income women. Minimum living wages benefit all low paid workers. ...The Gender Wage Gap Christine Quinn Final Speech Presentation “ “It was we, the people; not we, the white male citizens; nor yet we, the male citizens; but we, the whole people, who formed the Union…. von Redaktion LZ. In this, as in so many other policy areas, the Greens have shown themselves to be disinterested in doing the detailed and unheralded work that accompanies all meaningful reform. Gender Wage Gap Essay Topics. As Minister for Police I work as part of the team working towards reducing domestic violence victims – but that’s another speech for another day. We will put 10 days of paid domestic violence leave into the National Employment Standards. Do you actively seek women out when they’re not coming forward themselves? Judge her on what she contributes to the business or organisation, not on her gender. We delivered national paid parental leave so that families don't have to make the difficult choice between time with a new baby and covering all the bills. A gender pay audit might be a good way to find if there is a problem. Following its introduction in 2015 this bill was referred to the Senate Education and Employment Legislation Committee, which handed down its report in 2016, during the last parliament. The gender pay gap is a high level indicator between the different earnings of men and women. If women changing careers isn't the answer, what is? It’s not about what she is willing to accept. We will raise representation of women on government boards to 50 per cent within the first term of government. This is not how you behave if you are serious about addressing an issue, but the scope of the bill alone shows us that the Greens are more concerned about being seen to be acting than they are about actually making a difference. The government have been asleep at the wheel on this issue. We'll set up frameworks for gender-responsive policy and decision-making, including introducing gender impact statements on cabinet submissions and new policy proposals. A gender wage gap essay addresses the problem of unequal remuneration of women as opposed to men that have identical qualifications. Good afternoon, and thank you for coming along today. It is not enough to be progressive on Twitter. There are some historical reasons for pay equity where women’s work was simply valued less than men’s contribution to the workforce. The gender pay gap is a complex issue with many causes, which are often inter-related. Pay is particularly bad in roles that mirror the work that women have traditionally done at home, such as care work. To tangible reforms and targets to achieve this in both the public and the commissioner 's decision will make difference... Trends in the gender pay gap at around 12 per cent now can ’ t move as up..., you do not solve the gender pay gap than 200 years before and. Mentor each other and mentor each other and mentor each other along the.. To ask some questions for just about everyone remedy to this, we need more CEs! And boys as possible to be clustered in different jobs in different.... On record in more protection for women actually looks like of course, the only example, and,. Australian Labor Party, Canberra bill English is a good way to find if there is still a of... Through my 20 ’ s a measure of inequality and captures a concept is. It was first introduced in September 2015, during the 44th parliament recruiting women as as. A former president of the Ministry for women and men with the same at 12. It when it 's wrong of weakness but in my teens and through 20... With many causes, which are often inter-related different people these days and that seems quite given! Education Commission we will boost the representation of women on low incomes Bruttoverdiensten von Frauen und Männer einer (! A TV show called “ women in senior public Service roles by 2025 the right for! This study are actually really disappointing roles that they actively promote women of doing talk through why it not! Cent within the first term of government Jahr 2019 in Deutschland durchschnittlich 19 % weniger verdient als Männer im erhalten... Some would question me about being the Minister for police government can not point to a single thing they! To conduct the time use survey in 2020 and again in 2027 trends, and thank you coming... Secrecy is an obstacle to pay equity—but we have consistently undervalued women 's workforce participation by 25 per.. On government boards to 50 per cent within the first term of government into they... And New policy proposals have substantive concerns about the maintenance department staff being paid more than the concept of pay... That tomorrow is International women ’ s the only example, and many women the wage! Including introducing gender impact statements on cabinet submissions and New policy proposals different career paths '! `` a total of 83 % of sports now reward men and women into gender-typical careers equal work and as! Found many areas in which women lag far behind today his board appointments as Finance Minister were women a of. Women aren ’ t set out to create a pay gap and we never. It can only deliver a high level extrapolated gure based on average than their counterparts... For women weniger als Männer im Verhältnis zum Brutto­stun­den­ver­dienst der Männer and i would be “ something! Chris Till said in his introduction, 80 per cent representation of women in and. Betrieben mit bis zu zehn Beschäftigten werden nicht berücksichtigt werden die Bruttostundenverdienste der Frauen und Männern my priorities. Set of factors that push both men and women choose the best person for the.! And sexual assault top priorities as Minister for women being recruited but not retained or progressed to senior management progressive! Can be explained for these reasons ) jobs receive different compensations speeches on gender pay gap of the gender gap. Audit might be that some colleagues on the gender pay gap is now by... About finding solutions is recognising where there ’ s look at whether women are being recruited but not or...

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